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Festival Scope is the new platform for film lovers who want to tour the world with us in search of the best films at the best film festivals. Thanks to on-going agreements with film festivals worldwide, as well as our team’s commitment to discovering new films and talent with a curated approach, we make independent films available on-line so that they can enjoy extra visibility and promotion. Festival Scope promotes independent European cinema (fiction, creative documentaries, animation) in original versions with many subtitles. Festival Scope distinguishes itself from other platforms by its very carefully curated offer and its original marketing of films. More than a VOD platform, Festival Scope acts as a virtual online cinema, offering festivals and festival audiences the opportunity of online reruns of festival programming. The concept is to stick as much as possible to the festival experience, gathering a limited dedicated audience within a specific timeframe. Festival Scope aggregates on its platform the most prestigious film festivals and enables their selected programming to be shared beyond their natural borders, within a community of cinephiles.


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